Manehu Cuff Bracelet

Polynesian tattoo art: Ipu by Hano Fernandez



Thick leather cuff bracelet that looks great on male or female wrists. Two inches wide, snap closures in 3 settings from 7 to 9 inches in wrist size

Motifs and meanings*:  Carrier of all that’s important to you. The physical center of the design is the ipu, the gourd used as a musical instrument and as a means to carry water. Here it carries the wearer’s NĀ KOA spirit and all that’s important to you. Rainbow pattern and Koru (growth, new beginnings) round out the design, with a hint at protective tiki eyes.  Pandemus leaves, used to bind and strengthen, finish the design – and lend their strenght at the closure of the cuff bracelet.

*according to the artist as well as additional popular interpretations

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The Manehu cuff bracelets are made from genuine, thick leather that will break in and soften beautifully with wear.  The cuff bracelets are 2 inches wide and snap together to close.  Three settings can fit wrists up to 7 ¼ ” (smallest setting), 8 ¼ “ (medium setting) and  9” (largest setting).

  • thick pliable leather that ages beautifully
  • 2 “ wide
  • Adjustable to 7 ¼ , 8 ¼ and 9 “wrist sizes
  • Breaks in beautifully with wear
  • Leather has no problem getting wet in ocean or when washing your hands
  • Hawaiian and Tahitian tattoo patterns
  • NA KOA logo


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Polynesian tattoo art: Ipu by Hano Fernandez

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